One account allows duplicates, one will not


When I tweet a dupe to michiganmeeting using a program, it allows duplicates. When I do this with Michiganleg it gives me a 403. Why the difference? I can’t manuallytweet a dupe to either site. Thanks


for proff of dup postings, check it out at


This thing is a bummer. My program is showing me the error message 401 unauthorized, for some of my ‘tweets’,. but I believe that it is still tweeting them even when it says this. Also, it is tweeting duplicates. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this, or figure out what it actually happening. I’ve yet to every get a response on this developer list so if you’re seeing this and thinking I’m not asking the question right or something like that, a little feedback would be delightful.


Are you doing anything to prevent sending duplicates in the first place? (Like keeping track of what you’ve already tweeted?)

How frequently are you trying to tweet?

If you’re trying to send a tweet we detect as a duplicate, we’ll typically send you a HTTP 403, not a HTTP 401. Duplicate checks aren’t for the lifetime of the account but just a small selection of recent tweets.