Once getting end user token and token secret it is not works for getting other data of the end user



I created my own app with the new “Read, write, and direct messages” access level.

I tried to access this app via OAuth by inputting PIN and I could login well.
But I can’t read searches,my own timelines, including home timeline, with the error “Could not authenticate with OAuth.”.

I checked my settings. In the user setting page, https://twitter.com/settings/applications, I have the “Read, write, and direct messages” access level for this app.
Initially user always get authorized but after then Could not authenticate problem occurs
The Url for authorizing user is :-


above url runs.

The Url that I am using for reading searches is:-


above url couldn’t run and always give error of type “Could not authenticate with OAuth.”

Whereas when I uses another application which older one then the all things works fine.




how do i take users user_token and user_secre