On some tweets, the description comes up as __reach_config = { pid: followed by more code


Having some intermittent issues with Twitter Cards. Sometimes they appear, sometimes they don’t and it shows “Expand” instead of “Summary” below the tweet. On the tweets that have Summary, some of them have the correct description, and some have some code that starts with __reach_config = { pid:

Here’s one where the description is wrong:

Here’s one where the description is correct:

Here’s one where the card didn’t work at all:



Hi there,

I think you might have some issues with the markup you’re placing in your web pages – I took a look at the one where the description is incorrect, and on your HTML page you have the following (including the erroneous text you’re after):

In that case, you’re telling Twitter that the textual description for that page begins with “__reach_config” and ends with “, […]” – if you use some form of automation to place these tags on your page, I would look into that as the likely culprit.


Hey, Taylor. Thanks for your reply!

Mmmm, so it’s the plugin - or maybe it is not getting along with another plugin. I did contact the plugin authors about it. It just seems odd that sometimes it pulls the correct description and sometimes it doesn’t! I would expect this sort of issue to be consistent.

Oh, now that is odd! I just checked the first two links I gave, including the one that was showing up with the funky description and they both looked right.