Older Tweet results for #ASHRM2012 are unavailable



I don’t why they delete the tweets . How can I retrieve them


They aren’t deleted, they’re not available for searching. Some sites provide some historical views of tweets – try topsy.com


Hi Taylor, what causes a tweet to become unavailable for searching? I don’t see any reference to a date range limitation in the API ref doc for search: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1/get/search



The index varies in length over time, but generally only goes back about 1 week. Other factors than age are also at work, as the Search API does not index all public tweets. See this FAQ more info:



Thanks Taylor.

So if I understand correctly, one can retrieve all of a certain user’s tweets, using timeline, by paginating through results with a max of 3200. But when looking for tweets by any user that contain a certain hashtag, because search is used, results go back give or take a week or 1500 results, whichever comes first.


Hi Andy,

More or less that is the state of things. You may be able to obtain the historical data you’re looking for through Topsy.com or DataSift and Gnip.

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