Older page images showing in validator/tweets but not newer ones



Description of issue:
Hello, images from pages created last week and earlier are showing up fine in the validator as well as tweets. But for pages published this morning, the validator log’s all green and says card loaded successfully but image is missing. Screen grab:

URL affected (must be public):

(50 more pages - change last digit in URL to anything from 2 to 51)

The latest page from last week - works fine:

Troubleshooting steps attempted [note that we will not prioritise posts unless there is evidence of following the troubleshooting guides]:
I tried validating a few different pages (from today) and repeated validation after a few minutes but same result.
I don’t recall if I made changes or added to robots.txt way back when, but I didn’t make any changes since Twitter cards were set up and the old images all show up fine so…
Appreciate any pointers.


Checking your pages, your image data is being included inline in your posts in the og:image tags. This makes the pages far too large for our crawler to handle.


Thank you Andy. Yes I figured that was the problem and changed all of them to separate image files yesterday. [In case someone reading has a solution that doesn’t involve porting the blog to Wordpress: I need to update the graphics on 100s of posts every quarter but Blogger does not have/allow static URLs for images. Inline images makes it less tedious - copy/paste entire post without having to upload 100s of images and then edit a small section of the html in each post. But that broke Twitter cards.]

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