Old Tweets


I’m trying to view old tweets on my profile, but at a certain point I can’t view any more.

I maybe had 6k tweets total, but I started to delete the ones I could see so now I’m down to 3k.
And I know that twitter doesn’t allow you to see more than 3k or so, but for my case it’s only showing a couple hundred maybe before stopping at the same point as before.

Is there anything I can do? Any help/feedback would be appreciated, thank you.




The way user timelines are stored in memory are such that you won’t have immediate access to those tweets that were outside of the available set ater deleting tweets that were part of the set… until the cached representation of your timeline is regenerated. Essentially, those deleted tweets are still part of your timeline that is 3,200 tweets long – but instead of being actual tweets, they’re placeholders.

There’s no predictable schedule to when your timeline’s cache will reset; you may just want to check back periodically.

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