Old Trends and Popular Geo-tagged tweets


I have two queries .

  1. Is it possible to get old trends related to a particular location , i.e. not just the first 10 trends , the trends before that as well ?

  2. Is it possible to retrieve search results which are filtered by popular as well as the geocode parameter simultaneously ? I seem to notice that when I use the result_type as popular , the geocode parameter is redundant . Is there any way I can implement this ?


Bump ! Please help ! It is urgent !

  1. Nope, historical trends data is not offered. You would have to track them over time yourself.

  2. Search uses a number of factors to service queries – I wouldn’t rule out that it never considers the geocode parameter when calculating popular results, but you just don’t have much control over what “popular” tweets it’s going to associate with your query and why.