Old API code not working


Hi, I’ve been using an older version of the status api on numerous websites over the past few years and it appears that this no longer works. This is the code I was using:

As far as I’m aware this was once supported by Twitter. The problem I’m having is that this code allowed the feed to be highly customizable which is the case on the countless websites I’ve used it on, not this doesn’t work and I’m being forced down the standard feed route this will call for me to redesign the areas of my websites with the twitter feed added. Is there anything that can be done here to prevent me doing this?



Until March 2013 we still offer unauthenticated access to v1 of the API.

Recently we retired “unversioned” endpoints of the API – such as URLs like you’re using twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline

This FAQ question should help you get on the right track to adjusting your resource URLs:


Hello… I’m having the same problem and unfortunately the links above aren’t that clear to me (in regards to replacing my strings below). Can anyone here specifically identify what needs to be updated (exactly) to get this working again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Is there an equivalent blog sidebar widget that’s still supported by Twitter, or is showing your recent tweets on your blog no longer something Twitter wants to support?


I’m experiencing this issue also, and a number of my clients websites are affected as a result. I understand that come March this will be completely unsupported - so I guess I’ll be encouraging clients to consider using their facebook feeds instead as it seems they aren’t locking down the ability to customise the look of your content… not yet anyway.
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try this


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Hello mate, thanks for the help however it doesn’t work. Any other suggestions? I’m not sure how OAuth ties into the blogger.js solution…


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Since oAuth is mandatory, using a .php file to generate what the old .json did is pretty much the only quick fix we have.
It took me a couple of hours to get around this, but finally found a solution and wrote down the steps on my site: http://mehigh.biz/js/twitter-blogger-js-oauth-update.html


I have been having this problem for a long time. Then I stumbled across this page.

The help given here fixes my problem http://mehigh.biz/js/twitter-blogger-js-oauth-update.html

I followed this example, and using the old twitter label was able to quickly change my site.

I am able to read tweets from 4 separate users and embed them into my app, I also use the tweet to change user displays depending on my tweet. Happy coding

Example http://www.cctv.gg/twitter/twitter.html
Working page https://apps.facebook.com/guernseycams