Old account has not been used in more then 6 months and is still not deleted, its been 4 years! why?


Policy states that if an account is not used for more then 6 months it will get deleted. I have an old account named lilbrowneyes101 and I have not used it in 4 years because i forgot the password and no longer have access to the email. THIS ACCOUNT NEEDS TO GO, when I apply for university I don’t want that account still being there. Please delete it!


Same here, I had a personal account I want deleted that was last used in 2010, I forgot the email I used and the password. What is the purpose of keeping a 4 year old account?


GUYS MY ACCOUNTS HAVE STAYED FOR LIKE 2-4 years please delete them!!! @mhaixexpress @MicahNicoleLove


the same problem I got here :frowning: please delete my old account its been 2 years that I’m not using this @chinckie https://twitter.com/chinckie.


Please delete my old account @MellowGmellow I lost both password and email address