Offset Twitter Feed on Website (Pull 2nd Recent Tweet Only)


I’m currently using JavaScript to pull the two most recent tweets from my Twitter account onto my website. The problem I am having is that I am working with a unique layout where I want the most recent tweet to be absolutely positioned in one section of the layout, while the second most recent tweet is absolutely positioned in a completely separate section of the layout, which is forcing me use one script to pull the most recent tweet, and attempt to use another script to pull the second tweet.

I’m not too familiar with JavaScript, JSON and the twitter syntax so I’m having trouble trying to offset my query to only pull the SECOND most recent tweet.

Below is what I currently have:


The Twitter API isn’t as exacting as allowing you to select exactly which nth tweet you’re after from a timeline. It’d be wiser to request the most recent 5 to 10 and then from that response select the nth tweet that you want to utilize.