Official Twitter widget not working as expected


I help maintain the wordpress site, Recently, I installed and it was working great until this morning. I have checked (I think) to see if our site is Twitter blacklisted and cannot find any evidence of this. I disabled the plugin and used the official twitter widget at with the following settings

List: @LittleThetford/News
Height: 600
Theme: Light
Auto expand photos: ticked
Link colour (erm, color): black
Opt-out of tailoring Twitter: Unticked

then I pasted that widget in the side-bar of my site. All I get is a link (Tweets from @LittleThetford/news) instead of a nice Twitter News feed as shown in the preview of the Twitter widget creator. What am I doing wrong?


You might want to downcase your domain name to be “” instead – it also looks like you use a subdomain on that page and should add that too. I’d make your domains look like:,


Erm. Great. Thank you @episod. Your suggestion worked. So we were not blacklisted after all. I still don’t know why stopped working. Still, we have a Twitter feed on the site now so thank you very much.


My site, which has not been changed in over a year stopped working this morning as well.

It could not have been my latest wordpress update, because it was showing even after the update.

It has got to be a change on Twitter’s end.


See [node:10803]. The wordpress plugins likely use deprecated endpoints which were turned off yesterday.


Hello good evening, I have the following problem, I created the widget to insert the twitter timeline on our website, the point is that this shows up well in Firefox, but in Chrome, or Safari or IExplorer does not display, the code is following:

Tweets por @sonera1059

can someone explain why this happens?

The website is:


Thanks @episod. Your post also helped solve my “identical issue” at


Another alternative to struggling with the default Twitter widget is to use a third party service that focuses on providing beautiful, reliable social widgets. For example, check out Tint ( ). It lets generate a highly flexible, customized widget using one or more Twitter accounts (including hashtags!).