Official Twitter button does not display share count



Hi all, my official twitter button on my wordpress is not recording shares, tweets etc and has completely crashed. As the button is official and linked directly to twitter, is anyone experiencing this?


Can you please provide a sample URL where we can see the behavior?

What is the “completely crashed” behavior happening on your site?


Sorry! The site is Previous behaviour, usually between 4-60 shares never 0. The button is allowing shares but no updates or numbers or bubble, does not change colour when cursor hovering over it. Is monotone.


At the bottom of your posts I see a “Share this” content area, powered by the ShareDaddy feature in Jetpack. It looks like you are hosted on, which might include these features and any customizations.

Twitter updated the design of its Tweet button today, removing the share count component.

If you would like to change a visual design component of the page you should contact support for CSS customizations of your theme or their bundled plugin components.


Thank-you for getting back so quickly Niall. Re my website design, can they (wordpress) provide a share button with the tweet/share counter? How will they do this without your API?


Twitter does not provide a share count API. could technically build various analytics features including Twitter audience.

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