Odd cropping/display of uploaded images?



Twitter seems to be cropping and displaying images in a manner that is kind of odd.
It seems intentional, it seems they are displaying it so that when clicked to be zoomed it can zoom from the center, but since there is less space on the left in the feed it is cropping off the left of the image. Which just works out kind of strange. I think it would work a lot better if it was just a straight center crop.

The effect is worse on some devices than others, iOS devices it seems worse.

Here is a tweet that shows the effect clearly, when view in on web the image is cropped nicely and it makes sense, but on mobile devices, particularly> iOS it gets worse.

iOS Screenshot:

Actual uploaded image:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/0/0d9d36095c9397af2f473f5b15fcdd6122a760a9.jpg" width=“690” height=“345”


Sorry for the delay here. I know we had some algorithms to determine the best fit/crop, and it was modeled around people detection. I don’t know what has changed, but I’ll ask the product team for more detail, if they have any.



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