Obtaining a list of followers for my twitter ID


I’m having a simple problem, or at least I think it’s simple. I’ve never developed an “application” so to speak, and I’m not looking to do anything fancy. The primary thing I want to do is be able to obtain a list of accounts that are following me, and then save that information to a database. Originally, I thought I could just do a cURL request with https://www.twitter.com/[username]/followers and bring up the information… but that doesn’t seem to be working.

I’ve tried looking up this whole OAuth stuff, and it just seems like a lot of unnecessary work to read some information from a page. I wouldn’t think it was necessary to authenticate and all that, but it seems twitter wants me to go that route.

Is there a simple method for doing this that I haven’t considered? Or is Authentication and API’s and all that the only way to do this?