Obtain User Id from Twitter Ads Account


Hi All.

I’ll show you my scenario.

I have Acces to Twitter Ads API with my application. I granted app permisions to my own Twitter Account. This Account manage five accounts. And I am trying to create a new Tweet to use to promote it. I have access to create it because I can do it manually.

The only thing that I need is obtain the user_id from the account_id to be able to create that tweet.



Hi @hector_borras,

There are a couple things to note when considering Tweeting on behalf of advertisers.

If you use the POST statuses/update endpoint in our REST API, you’ll only be able to Tweet as whichever user your OAuth token is associated to.

If you have been granted Tweet delegation status via ads.twitter.com, you can use the POST accounts/:account_id/tweet endpoint in the Ads API to Tweet on behalf of the advertiser’s FULL promotable user. To check whether you have been granted to TWEET_COMPOSER privilege for the user associated with your OAuth token, use the authenticated_user_access endpoint.

To know the user_id that you have permission to Tweet on behalf of, check for the FULL promotable user on the ads account, using the promotable_users endpoint.


Hi @jaakkosf

Thanks a lot for the info,

This is the interesting part for me.

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