Obtain Tweets Segmentation (As Twitter Ads UI)




In our development we create multiple Ad Groups per Campaign and with multiple Promoted Tweets (that are equal for each segmentation)

We are trying to obtain stats as in Twitter Ads UI shows. Twitter Ads UI groups all Promoted Tweets which the same Tweet Id.

More or less what we have is something like this:

Tweet A
Tweet B

LineItem A -> Promoted Tweet A-A / Promoted Tweet A-B (Line Item A with both Tweets)
LineItem B -> Promoted Tweet B-A / Promoted Tweet B-B (Line Item B with both Tweets)

And we want obtain stats for Tweet A and for Tweet B at level Campaign.

Twitter Ads UI is able to do this and is using something like “Segmentation Tweet” (as I saw in the request that Twitter Ads UI is making)

How could we do something like this?



Each Tweet that is associated with a Line Item will create a separate Promoted Tweet entity that you can for stats on. So for example, let’s say Tweet id 12345 is associated with line item A and line item B. Then two separate Promoted Tweet entities would actually be created. You can store mappings of these organic Tweet id to Promoted Tweet id on your sides (or obtain these from the GET accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets) endpoint.

After you have that, just retrieve stats for the appropriate Promoted Tweet entities and aggregate the stats.


Thanks @hwz That is the way I thought to do it. I only wondered if exists some “native” method

Thanks Helen!!!