OAuth via web application flow error




We are having an issue authenticating our customer’s account with the OAuth web application flow process. I’ll provide as much detail as possible, although I don’t have a screenshot since this happened with a customer.

Our app allows users to authenticate their twitter account so we can use the API to fetch interesting statistics. Occasionally, the user receives the following error at some point throughout the process:

“application cannot authenticate more users at this time”

We only have between 8-12 users, so I can’t imagine that’s the issue (although please let me know if it is, and how we can remedy). For reference, this is a node.js app using the {oauth-1.0a} module to do the header “hashing”, and superagent.js to do the http requests. Our twitter handle is @glewtoolkit. Please let me know what additional information we can provide.

Ryan Fink