OAuth twitter how to edit "Return to application" button


Hi all,

After integrating Twitter authentication with my custom Application, login is working fine. However, we are facing a problem when users refuse to authorize application to use their twitter account.

On “Authorize MyApp to use your account?” page, user clicks on Cancel button…

Then, on “You have not signed in to MyApp.” page, user clicks on “Return to MyApp” button.

The link in that button provokes an error in the environment and it is displayed to end users. Interestingly, the link “Go to the MyApp homepage.” works well and it is correctly pointing to MyApp home page.

Where could I edit that button link?

Thanks in advance


An error in what environment? It should return to the callback url with query params like this ?denied=0gsDi4USmGedVmXo2NyTAHh5INFCaK98 that you have to catch.


Hi Abraham,
The issue is in our environment, because the denied URL causes an error. I sorted that problem by configuring web server (OHS) to rewrite URLs containing “denied” word and redirect them to my home page.