OAuth Tool Temporarily Down


thanks for the reply, this is the code Im using: (the consumer keys and such are pulled from the database first:

$message = "$tweet_message";

// Load the tmhOAuth library
include 'twitter/tmhOAuth.php';

// Create an OAuth connection to the Twitter API
$connection = new tmhOAuth(array(
  'consumer_key'    => $consumer_key,
  'consumer_secret' => $consumer_secret,
  'user_token'      => $user_token,
  'user_secret'     => $user_secret

$code = $connection->request('POST', 
    array('status' => "$message" ));

// A response code of 200 is a success
if ($code == 200) {
  print "Tweet sent";
} else {
  print "Error: $code";

and it uses the tmhOAuth library: http://root.medlington.co.uk/temp/tmhOAuth.php

When I use it with one set of keys it works fine but when I try to use the ones I have created that are labled API keys it doesnt?


Hi andy, can i know how much it will take to go normal for the OAuth service. Tell me probable time.

Mohd Fazil


Please tell me is there any way to know the consumer key and consumer secret key.


Mohd Fazil


OAuth is working perfectly right now, it is only the testing tool which is not available.


Consumer key and secret are the same thing as API key and secret and these values are listed on the API keys tab for your app on apps.twitter.com


Why are so many people having trouble with these keys then, Im not the only one they dont work for by the looks of it.

*EDIT, I see its all changed and seems to be running again, my app still seems to have problems it looks like the access tokens are not being regenerated. I have tried a few times and they are the exact same tokens. Im going to start again from the beggining