OAuth Tool Temporarily Down


Hello i keep getting this message,

OAuth Tool Temporarily Down
The “OAuth Tool” that generates OAuth signatures for your apps to access specific endpoints (e.g., for testing as cURL commands) is temporarily down as we update the Twitter Developers site. Hang tight! It should be back soon.

is this problem for my app only , or its a global thing according to the message , its my first time using twitter api

OAuth clarifications (testing tool is back)

I saw the same error message. Not sure whether it’s app-specific or it’s universal.


This is currently offline for everyone, not just individual users or applications!

On September 10th 2014 we re-launched dev.twitter.com with a new look-and-feel and refreshed content and as a result, some of the tooling (like the OAuth tool) is temporarily unavailable. I’m sure you can appreciate that there is a lot of work involved in the migration we’ve just been through, and we are working to restore the features on an iterative basis.

We don’t have an ETA to share right now but the OAuth tool will return as soon as possible.


Hey Andy,
is there any way I can subscribe to a newsfeed/ newsletter/ alert so I get a message when the OAuth Tool is back online? Thanks a lot in advance.
Best, Sven


Probably best to follow @TwitterDev on Twitter, and set up email notifications on this discussion thread. I’ll try to remember to update both when the tool is available again! Also note that the API Console is available and that may help while the OAuth tool is down.


Waiting for the tool…

Android: Can login with Consumer keys from another live account but not for a new account

I hope they fix to Oath Tool soon. It has been down for several days


I assume the tool to check OAuth is just broken not the (re)Generation for access tokens or api keys correct?


I need this back too as I cant get my consumer keys without it.


You can get your keys via the application page on apps.twitter.com. The Oauth testing tool is not required for access to these.


The tool is not broken, it is just unavailable while we reimplement it on the new site. This does not affect the registration of new apps, or the generation of keys.


Thats where Ive been trying but there are only API Key, API Secret, Access token and Acess Token Secret, last time it was like this until I clicked test Oauth and then it gave me my consumer keys and secret.

Or are the API keys the same as these?


Hi, How can i get the get consumer key and consumer secret without the OAuth. is this possible ?


Hey I recently created a new app and generated new keys for it. Unfortunately I’m not able to use the search api with the keys i generate. Could this be related to it?


Take a look at this image from one of my apps.


What error are you seeing? Perhaps you should start a new thread if you are having a problem, as it is not related to the Oauth testing tool.


So i can generate all those keys but If I try to apply them to use the python search api they break. I use specifcially tweepy. I perform something like this:

auth = tweepy.auth.OAuthHandler(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET)
auth.set_access_token(ACCESS_KEY, ACCESS_SECRET)
api = tweepy.API(auth)
search_results = api.search(q=“hello”, count=100)

Tweepy, OAuth and API keys

Are we sure there is no difference between the API key/secret and consumer key/secret? That’s why I need the OAuth tool. I am using a Themify Theme and WordPress for my website, and the instructions say to use the OAuth tool to get the consumer info. If I use the API info, the tweets that show up on my page aren’t even mine!

Tweepy, OAuth and API keys

The API keys are definatly NOT the same as the consumer keys. please tell me the correct way to get the consumer keys as I realy need them. This problem is stalling my entire project.

there must be a way to get them without OAuth, if you cant tell me that please tell me when OAuth will be up and running again.

Im using the tmhOAuth library if that helps, as Ive said in a different thread I have a running app that is identical in every way which also didnt work when I used the API keys but did when I had clicked test OAuth and then used the consumer keys that were given.

The only thing didfferent with this one is that Im using the API keys instead of the consumer keys and it doesnt work


The terms “Consumer key/secret” and “API key/secret” have been used interchangeably in the past and we are working to harmonize the terminology on dev.twitter.com and apps.twitter.com in the near future. They are exactly the same things, promise! :wink: you can get your keys from the API Keys tab on apps.twitter.com as shown in the screenshot above.

The Test OAuth tool is not required to use the keys and tokens, it is simply a convenient way to generate curl commands for testing the API endpoints using your app’s credentials. You can do the same thing using twurl or curl yourself.

Are you able to share any code example (with the keys anonymised) that demonstrates what you are trying to do, so we can help to unblock you?