Oauth token regeneration


I had an old-API app which I am now attempting to port over, and my first attempt got a permission denied. I figured maybe in the changeover the oauth tokens were expired, so I clicked the regenerate button. It’s been about twenty minutes and the change is not reflected on the page - is this normal? How long will I have to wait? Is there any way I can tell whether it is actually happening?


By way of comparison, the “reset keys” button for the consumer key and secret took about twenty seconds.


For the owner’s access token feature, a new token will only be regenerated if a permission level has changed or if the token has at some point been revoked. You probably should revoke the token first on twitter.com/settings/applications


Thanks! You guys might want to look into the fact that the “regenerate token” button displays a “Your token has been updated but it might take a while to be reflected” message - that’s what made me think maybe I just needed to keep waiting.