OAuth token for my application has been suspended



Yesterday I have received notification:

This is a notice that your OAuth token for “my app name” has been suspended from interacting with the Twitter API.

This is very established application serving thousands of customers since 2011.
I reviewed Twitter’s API terms of service, but cannot find what is wrong. I did slight changes on a website making sure that working will not be misleading , i.e. instead of “Twitter auto …” it was changed to "Auto … for Twitter"
But not sure if this can be the reason and it is not something new.

I filed a ticket #20737453

I need urgent attention from Twitter support because service is down and I have financial obligations to my customers.

Please specify in details what is wrong.

Please note my other app was also suspended same day and same time and that other app not in use for years, not calling any APIs and no access to it by end users. All I left is website page where people used to signing to that app, but sign-in was removed in 2013. All that makes me very confused. At this point I care about app that is popular and ticket #20737453 filed for it’s suspension.


Unfortunately we can’t comment on individual cases here, for privacy reasons. The correct approach would be to follow up with the platform support team directly (which you’ve done, by opening a ticket - I’ll ask them to review).

It’s impossible for me to know exactly what the issue is here, as I’m not familiar with your application. Since you mentioned “auto” actions, I’ll just note that we have a lengthy guide on automation rules which are part of our developer policy. While you’re waiting for the support response, it would be worth understanding those rules in detail.