Oauth_timestamp troubleshooting tools / ideas



I think my authentication is failing due to issues with my oauth_timestamp… I had this issue before as in the UK as the date style was interpreted in US format, also clocks have just changed here and knocked out my code again.

I previously used the Test Oauth button to compare oauth_timestamp’s to my app but this button is out of commission atm. Any tools out there to generate / reverse engineer the oauth_timestamp for me to trouble shoot? An Excel formula would be ideal if anyone has come across one (date > oauth_timestamp and oauth_timestamp > date).



Have you tried using twurl? It is command line but you can trace the calls it makes. The Test OAuth tool is unlikely to be coming back given our migration to the new site.


Thanks for your message,

That’s a shame about the test button. I used that a lot.

I had a look at twurl first thoughts were it looked complicated (I’m no expert). Secondly I wondered if this Twurl does produce the exact required Oauth syntax regardless of location (ie I’m in the UK so have different date format setting on my laptop) and time zones.

The good thing about the button was that it was exactly what the twiiter API expected to see from a call. Also it was very quick and easy.

Considering the number of people that found this useful, would you guys consider investing the time to redevelop?


When is the new site available? If the new site is available, how do I access it?
It would be nice to have some information on the “Manage your apps” site stating that the Test OAuth is no longer functioning and to use twurl instead. Thanks!


The new dev site is available now at dev.twitter.com

We’re looking at whether we can still provide that functionality or not - if not, we will update the app management page appropriately.