Oauth sign in page getting over capacity errors


In the last few days a number of users are reporting getting over capacity error pages instead of the oath sign in screen

It doesn’t seem to affect call users and occurs against different apps too. The oath code used has worked for many years


Thanks for this report. I’ve now heard it from another developer too. I’ll ask our team about it.


Thanks Taylor as always :slight_smile:


Hi Taylor

Any update as I and quite a number of my users are seeing this problem still.


Still having the team dig in. These are really hard to track down. Can you share the consumer key you’re using in this particular case?



Hi Taylor,
I’ve been having the same issue for the past week or so. Many users been given a “Twitter over capacity” page instead of the oauth authorization page. I can reproduce this on my side too. Some users have reported getting the oauth authorization page after trying later on, but other users still with no luck.
This is happening for 2 of my apps: Osfoora for Mac and Osfoora HD.
Consumer Keys:
Osfoora for Mac: wIE8U8FcqtKxw0SbJyXAw
Osfoora HD: bWVozfErorZX1AypM6BHuQ

Hope you guys can get to the botom of this.


This is also happening to me (and has been reported by other users of Tweetbot for Mac recently too). Every time I attempt to authorize one of my existing accounts I get the ‘twitter over capacity’ page. I’d have to say it started around 24 hours ago but could be 2 days ago too when we got the first report of it. If I reload the page a bunch of times it will sometimes work (and just did when I was testing it out).


We are also receiving a 502 Bad Gateway response when accessing /oauth/authorize.
TweetList Pro: 1RBOgBzVPF69FcxU4cmRpQ