OAuth Rate Limits



I’m still learning OAuth and such so please excuse me if this is a silly question.

I was wondering if I POST a Tweet via the REST API with a users OAuth information and my applications secret and such, does that count towards my Applications Rate Limit or the Users Rate Limit for my specific application?


Posting Tweets always requires a user context and will always count against a user’s daily Tweet posting account limit.


Thank you for the response @andypiper.

Will my application get rate limited in any way when doing this though?


The user’s account limits have no bearing on your application’s API rate limits.

If you build an app that enables a lot of users to (for example) post low quality content at a high rate, then it may be write-restricted as that would be suspicious / abnormal behaviour. If you are simply enabling users to post Tweets normally via your app, there’s no reason to expect that the application would be limited.

To be clear, the account limits are documented here and the application API rate limits are here.


Alrighty, thank you very much :smiley: