Oauth process receiving access token but Null access secret


In the past few days, my PHP version of twitter oauth stopped working on my web app. The login process hasn’t changed for months, but randomly stopped working with in the past 2 weeks. The access token array that is returned contains the access token key, but the access token secret comes up as NULL. Is there a recent change that might have affected this or a specific setting that I may look at.

I did look into the passing of a oauth_verifier token, but on my callback page, there is no oauth_verifier found in $_GET, $_POST, or $_REQUEST.

Any ideas or specific pieces of code that I can post that would help solve this?


Did you end up figuring out what the issue was?

I too am having this exact same problem (although don’t have an answer yet…). Are you by chance using this library https://github.com/marsanla/codeigniter-twitter? I haven’t been able to figure out the root cause yet either but I’m wondering if something in the library broke with the newest API changes.


See [node:16443] for tips on the issue you’ve likely run into.