Oauth POST requests throw NSURLErrorUserCancelledAuthentication error


I am creating an application for iOS and I am using OAuth 1. GET requests seem to work fine but as soon as I try to make POST requests I get the following error :

According to Apple’s “Foundation Constants Reference” :

Returned when an asynchronous request for authentication is cancelled by the user.
This is typically incurred by clicking a “Cancel” button in a username/password dialog, rather than the user making an attempt to authenticate.

Now I am not quite sure what is happening, as POST requests are generated pretty similarly to the GET requests. Any ideas what is causing this error ?

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Is your application and access tokens configured to perform POST actions? (It requires the “RW” permission level on both the application and access token level)


Well on access token level it definitely is, I am not quite sure if it is on application level… How do I check this ?


I suspected the authorization header to be the culprit, but I checked it against the one generated in the app here and they seem to match in terms of parameters