Oauth not working since October 11 (?)


Hi I am not an expert so I might be wrong, but I have an issue with a very simple app that was working properly until October 10th 2012 and now gets no authorization despite the fact that the oauth authorize path is correct, or so I’d say.

Because no intervention has been made on my side I assume that something in the oauth is not working. The full request URL is https://twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=[randomtoken]

There’s no error response but the authorization is not there (I check by echoing in PHP the twitter user’s nickname and it’s not there). The fullURL of the redirect is http://mywebsite.com/somepage?oauth_token=[tokenhere]&oauth_verifier=[verifierhere]

In case something changed in the API, in the protocols, or whatever else and I am not aware of it, I apologize in advance.


Your OAuth path is incorrect – you want https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize – see [node:10803]