Oauth not connecting anymore


This code was working fine and with the recent change a few months ago, it no longer works. I wondered if someone would be kind enough to take a look at where the OAuth code needs updating:

function getAuthorizeURL($token) {/{{{/
if (is_array($token)) $token = $token[‘oauth_token’];
return $this->authorizeURL() . ‘?oauth_token=’ . $token;


  • Exchange the request token and secret for an access token and
  • secret, to sign API calls.
  • @returns array(“oauth_token” => the access token,
  •            "oauth_token_secret" => the access secret)

function getAccessToken($token = NULL) {/
$r = $this->oAuthRequest($this->accessTokenURL());
$token = $this->oAuthParseResponse($r);
$this->token = new OAuthConsumer($token[‘oauth_token’], $token[‘oauth_token_secret’]);
return $token;