OAuth is too slow


I created Web Application using Twitter OAuth.

I successed authentication but it is too slow. It takes 10-20 Seconds for Step1-3 in this page https://dev.twitter.com/docs/auth/implementing-sign-twitter

I can access https://twitter.com/ very fast. So I don’t think it is connection problem.
My Web Site is also very fast. It usually response less than 1 sec for every web page.
Only the authentication of Twitter with OAuth is slow.

Please give me advice.

The URL is only for testing. So I’ll email URL to you if you ask me directly.

Authentication works but user will frustrated with slow access.


I opened sign in page officially.

Twitter OAuth is very slow every time.


i’ve got the same problem, page needs to load 5 seconds until the twitter oauth is loaded.


Same on my page. I also use Facebook and Google+ api, they are very fast, but Twiiter api is soooooooooo slow.


same here, too slow