Oauth & GET statuses/user_timeline


I am a newbie Twitter developer. My application is a widget which also has caching, so that when I cross the limit, I can display did from my cache. It is using:

Now as an upgrade to v1.1, I am trying to use:

But, I am getting the following error:
{“errors”:[{“message”:“Bad Authentication data”,“code”:215}]}

I believe its due to not using oAuth. I am using Asp.net c#. Can someone please how I can send the oauth for authentication before i do the request?

Kindly guide me if I am going the wrong way.

Thank You


OAuth can be a complicated process. Read up on it here: [node:114]. [node:126] has some .NET libraries you may want to use.


Version 1.1 uses SSL so try HTTPS instead of HTTP.


make sure you use HTTPS https://api.twitter.com/1.1