Oauth for advertiser api


I’m trying to implement multiple Oauth tokens for the advertising api. The problem is that the authorization is per application. Is the only way to authenticate is to manually have the advertiser add the new application. For example instead of having add app1 from advertiser1, add app2 from advertiser2.




I’m not sure I understand your question but when developing an application you should be able to support multiple OAuth tokens per application ID and switch your OAuth token based upon what authorization you want to perform an action with. There are two types of tokens to use, Partner Token and Advertiser Token, when using Partner Token they need to be granted Ad Manager access from the advertiser.

Please see https://dev.twitter.com/ads/overview/obtaining-ads-account-access for full explanation of what needs to be done to setup your OAuth support.





Thank you for your reply. Now I have several accounts are linked to one single account. Now, I can use the consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret of this single account to get data from the accounts which are linked to this account through API. However, I have a question. Is there a way to generate different OAuth token for these accounts to get data under my single account?

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How to start with twitter ads api only with an Application ID


To receive an OAuth access token of an advertiser, the most common way is that the advertiser would have to login with their credentials and grant you access as described on https://dev.twitter.com/ads/overview/obtaining-ads-account-access

If your account is given Ads Manager access, you use your own access token instead of the advertiser token.

If you are talking about regenerating the OAuth token, this may be done by revoking and re-authing. There is no other way to carry multiple OAuth tokens to a single Ads Account (this would defeat the purpose of our rate limiting mechanisms).