OAuth fail after moving from hosting to server



We moved our site from hosting to server and after that all the OAuths remained working but twitter. In particular we may not enter twitter authorization page. Is it linked with server addressees or are we in black list? DNS: primary: dns0.host-food.ru secondary: dns1.host-food.ru.

Our keys:
define (‘TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY’, ‘tfS7odOEp4agdHLTGXMVlA’);
define (‘TWITTER_URL_CALLBACK’, ‘http://dondate.ru/tw/index.php?auth=1’);

If this information is not enough, let me know, I’ll provide everything I can.

I would be very thankful for any information, that might help.


Quick note: don’t post your consumer secret here – you should consider your keys compromised and reset them.

Make sure your DNS records are up to date.

What errors are you getting when you try to auth? Have you made sure your timestamps are within 5 minutes of our own?


checked everything, DNS is active, timestamps are ok.
when I try to use OAuth, the address of the page is http://dondate.ru/tw/index.php?auth=1 and is empty.


Is it that oauth/authorize is empty or that once it redirects to your site you just have a blank page?