Oauth example?



Is there a PHP code example for connecting to Twitter API???

I’ve been using abraham’s TwitterOauth code without any problems until January 15 when all code just stopped working!!! I’m not even sure if SSL is the problem because I get a NULL http_code returned when trying to connect!!


same here the problem i have is im connecting ok with no errors, but nothings working auto tweets, unfollow/ following etc, its really annoying because the twitter dev page ( api.twitter.com now requires SSL/TLS for all connections as of January 14th, 2014. | Read more →) just assumes you know where to put everything, im using Abraham williams code and i turned on public $ssl_verifypeer = FALSE; to TRUE and no difference still connects ok, but no features work. where the hell would i put the ca cert? or is it already included in one of the abraham oauth files as im not getting any errors ?? please help me @Abraham thank you