OAuth Echo and multiple endpoints


Hi All,

I am busy with a delegator (api rest service), most of the methods of this delegator are using multiple endpoints of twitter. I want to use OAuth Echo for the authorization, but as far as I know the oauth signature is generated based on one endpoint, so you can’t use the header for multiple endpoints.

So is it possible to use OAuth Echo in this situation? and if not are there other clever ways to accomplish this?


Echo will work on any endpoint as long as the request doesn’t need to be modified by the delegator in any way - you’re basically just forwarding an OAuth request to the twitter API on behalf of a client.

If you need to modify the status text of a tweet, it appears that that case is supported by the X-OAuth-Append-Payload header, as described here: http://mehack.com/delegated-identity-verification-for-uploadand


Sorry, a quick check seems to indicate that the X-OAuth-Append-Payload header was never implemented.

Can you explain what your delegator is trying to do? Maybe I can suggest some other approaches based on your use case.