OAuth clarifications (testing tool is back)


Continuing the discussion from OAuth Tool Temporarily Down:

We’re happy to announce that the migration of the OAuth testing tool to the new dev.twitter.com site is now complete and the tool is now available again inside the apps.twitter.com page for your app.

You’ll also notice that the terminology around application keys has been clarified. The terms “API Key” and “Consumer Key” were often used interchangeably and this caused a lot of confusion, so we’ve made it clear that these are the same things. If you’re following an older tutorial then hopefully the screenshot below will make things clear as to what we’ve changed.

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I tried to use the testing tool to obtain a request token. Therefore, I inserted: https://twitter.com/oauth/request_token for the request URI. After selecting “Get Oauth Signature”, I immediately tried to use the generated CURL command and received “Failed to validate oauth signature and token* Closing connection”

I’m trying to use the testing tool to debug my own attempt to request a token and I’m puzzled why even the Twitter testing tool generated a signature that won’t work. I’m sure its user error, I just can’t figure out my error.


I have the same problem since this afternoon. Really weird because this morning it worked perfectly. I don’t made any change of my code.

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