OAuth clarification



I’m trying to understand the process related to authentication in regard to an app I’m currently building.

I have a #hashtag that I want to search using the Search API (I’m sure that the Streaming API is better suited for what I’m doing but I just found out about it so I’ll look into it). I’m calling a php file every hour to get some JSON data of all the most recent tweets using that #hashtag. I’m then storing the new tweets into a mysql table to keep a one month history of all the tweets using that #hashtag.

No authentication needed for the Search API, and I’m not getting any rate limit issues.

I’m then using the REST API to retrieve the user’s location and I’m incurring into some issues with the rate limit of 150 requests per hour.

Now my question is: I just want to retrieve other users location, so I don’t want them to have to log in to authenticate, and I would like to use my own account to get their location from within the app using my own account. Is that possible? What’s the best authentication for this situation to allow me to access the 350 requests per hour limit?