Oauth/authorize redirect stuck at /session


I noticed today that users who successfully authorize an application at https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize now get stuck at https://api.twitter.com/sessions when using older versions of Webkit. Especially Safari from 2010 or Adobe AIR applications using the HTML control (does not happen with StageWebView control).



Have you figured out a solution to this problem?


Also experiencing the same issue with, as the OP said, an Adobe AIR application. During the auth process the user is redirected to https://twitter.com/intent/sessions - unfortunately, the HTML Window is unable to follow the redirects, which leaves the user stuck on a white screen. The issue appears to be unexpected with no explanations or notice. Other than using the web browser, is there another way around this?

Doesn’t seem to work for StageWebView, what version of AIR are you using?


Hey there,

I had the same problem as described above, both using HTMLLoader and StageWebView, but managed to find a solution.

(I’m developing a desktop app, so I’m not sure if these solutions work for mobile)

instead of using “https://twitter.com/intent/tweet” use “https://twitter.com/login?redirect_after_login=https://twitter.com/intent/tweet”.

you’ll first be asked to login, before composing/tweeting, and everything should work as expected.

hope this helps someone…