oAuth asks to re authorize an account after it's already been authorized


We’ve had our app running along smoothly for a few months not and all of a sudden when users authenticate with Twitter, even if they’ve already authenticated before they’re asked to grant permissions and authorize the app.
Previously, if they’d already authorised the app it would just redirect them straight into the app.

Our app id is 3761031

Are you able to shed any insight into why this is happening?


This happened to me recently too. Go to the settings for your app and make sure ‘Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter’ is checked. Unsure why this has changed but this should resolve the problem for you.

However, as per https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/15550, the sign in process doesn’t seem to be transparent anymore and still shows you on the Twitter site before being sent back to the app, which again it didn’t used to do.


Perfect, thank you.