OAuth app with 12 million users gets restricted. No response for 8 days and counting



Last week we got a burst of traffic and our production app was restricted by twitter by their automated systems. This has happened a few times before and usually an email fixes it in three minutes (maybe an automated system too?). This time it got restricted again shortly after becoming unrestricted and we received a different email saying it requires a more in-depth response to get unrestricted. Naturally, we replied with the information they requested.

Fast-forward 8 days. I’ve emailed their support several times and tried their various twitter handles but I don’t seem to be able to get any response. I’m at the end of my rope here trying to get any kind of action from them. I don’t even know if their secondary restriction system is broken and my emails are going to /dev/null. Anyone got any ideas?


We’ve been there many times. Their platform support team isn’t very large and if they have people on vacation or OOO, their response time can be really slow. Just be patient with it. In the old days they might have just ignored you but they’re improved things at least to the point that they will respond, it just might take some time.

It’s also possible that they’re doing an in-depth review of your application, which can take time.

As a piece of advice, I’d double check all of the rules and all of your application’s features and code for anything that could potentially be an issue. Preemptively making changes that you think might be the issue tend to move things along faster and it shows good faith on your part. If they’re slow to respond, the last thing you’ll want is a bunch of back and forth before your restriction gets lifted.


We got unrestricted after two weeks. We put the word out via our network to anyone that knew anyone at Twitter. Not sure if that’s what unclogged it or it simply got to the head of the queue at that time.