OAuth and iFrame


I am building an OSS Twitter app built off of a JavaScript multi-platform language called EnyoJS ( http://enyojs.com )
For viewing the webpage to log into Twitter, I am using the “Non-pin” oAuth method… But the only way to display a webpage with the language is with an iFrame… And Twitter doesn’t seem to like being put into an iFrame… How does one get around this?

Thanks guys,
Patrick Campanale
Project Macaw and Project Blackhawk


You’ll need to find a way to use an environment that allows you to load a clean non-IFRAME context.


Then we could use a popup. But after the user signs in, how can I close the popup and return control to the main site?


Can any one help me to get active login user information. I want to get screen name form an active login by php. Can any one help me please?


send me a direct message and I shall help you