OAuth 2.0 Support




Does anyone know that is it possible to restrict other business domain to login to my web application ? I am developing a web application that use OAuth 2.0 as login credential management but I don’t want everyone can just login with gmail but only the users under my company domain.

For example, e-mail with domain mybusinessdomain.com will be allowed to access but users with gmail.com, mycompany.com, mydomain.com will not be allowed to access.


How about twitter 2.0 supproting?


it seems that no oauth 2.0 with Twitter API?


Hi, two days ago I was working with it, is it possible that I cannot retrieve Oauth 2 data now??




+1 for OAuth2, please!


Can I Use OAuth2?


+1 for oauth2


Oauth2 is strongly needed.


oAuth 2 has been out for two years this month. No doubt that means Twitter supports it now, right? No doubt? Two years. :confused:


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+1 oauth2


+1 x 100000 for oauth2




Apologies for closing this thread in a hurry - entirely my mistake. Unfortunately there’s no new news to share on this issue at this time, but I did not intend to give the impression that this is “closed”.


Twitter should release OAuth 2.0


There was something I was going to ask in this topic, but what was it exactly… It certainly had something to do with words “OAuth2” and “We are dropping Twitter from auth providers”…


Don’t release OAuth 2.0, Seriously who cares!!!