OAuth 2.0 Support


+1 for oauth2
You’re so lame Twitter :frowning:


+1 for oauth 2.0.
Everybody is using it…


Oauth2.0 guys !!! Come on, let’s do it please !!


+1 for oauth2


+1 for oauth2


OAuth ver 1.0 ? sorry, Twitter, but i do not find in myself sadomasochism inclinations


+1 OAuth 2.0!!! You should do it. Please. Twenty-first century already.


+1 OAuth 2.0. Any news? Why your are ignoring us Twitter?


+1 for OAuth2 ,it wasted me a whole day on OAuth1 , and not done well .


+1 on OAuth 2.0


We want OAuth 2.0! Twi, WTF?


It is 2013 already, where is OAuth2 support???


Hey folks what’s are your estimations on OAuth2 support? Just around what? Weeks? Months? Years? Decades? Just give us some feedback


Why does everyone want oAuth 2. It’s less secure than oAuth 1. Read this http://hueniverse.com/2012/07/oauth-2-0-and-the-road-to-hell/


Seriously, OAuth2 should be supported by now…


Would love to be able to use oauth 2 as well.

Not going to lie, using twitters oAuth 1 implementation wasn’t too tricky compared to linkedIn’s but its still far too much work. (linkedIn have just updated to v2.0) of oauth.

@richardhyland As far as I understand it, oauth 2 is much less strict in the spec so you can make some bad implementations of it if you are not careful whereas oauth 1 had to be pretty locked down.


Hope to have oauth 2.0 this year atleast…!


We now support a portion of the OAuth 2 specification, the client credentials flow. See our announcement on application-only auth for more information: [node:15742]


@MrAntix, et al: I was also curious about OAuth V2, but now I am wondering if issues like these are why Twitter is waiting:


lol, still no oauth2?!