OAuth 2.0 Support


Add OAuth2 support! Stop using wood wheels and horses when all around are using cars and trucks!!! Will never add the Twitter login while OAuth2 is not supported.


+1 for OAuth2. I have also been keeping an eye on it for more than a year now. Very surprising that there is no official information on this support still.


+1 for OAuth2!


+1 OAuth 2.0 Support

Stop hiding behind canned, corporate responses like “no timeframe” and get it done already. The only ones who ever appreciate those types of replies are people in the legal department of the company issuing said statements. :wink:


+1 for OAuth2


+1 for OAuth2


Is there a timeline for this?


support oAuth2!!


Please support OAuth 2.0, I think it’s in Twitter’s best interest to make its platform as pervasive as possible, I see OAuth 2.0 as “due diligence”.





+1 for OAuth2


+1 for OAuth2


+1 for OAuth2 (!)


+1 for OAuth2


OAuth is now officially deprecated. It’s about time to move on.


+1 for OAuth2


+1 for OAuth2


+1 for OAuth2


+1 for oauth2


+1 for oauth2