OAuth 2.0 Support




You cannot.


Pretty please?


Please hurry up with this…I can’t log into IsoWords or other apps of the like with my Twitter account until the API/OAuth problem is fixed.


good night


Please endorse the request for oauth2 support on getsatisfaction

It will be nice to get a number on this :slight_smile:


Hey when are we going to get oauth2 support? Specifically server side. I’m already supported by Google, Microsoft, and FourSquare. Where’s my Twitter support?


@MrAntix, I added my vote. Come on twitter! Let’s do this.


How can I remove my app from a authenticated user’s account using oauth?


yeah support oAuth2!!


could you please give an example of oauth 2.0 for twitter with javascript? @Anywhere doesn’t seem to work correctly… thanks


It’s more than a little shameful that Twitter still doesn’t support OAuth2, given that this question was first asked nearly a year ago. Surely, sometime between 9 weeks ago and now (as of the writing of this comment), you could have at least drawn up a timeline to implement OAuth2, unless there’s absolutely no engineers available to work on something quite so important. Twitter is falling behind in this regard.


+1 for oauth2


+1 for oauth2


Every developer that complains about the lack of OAuth2 means that they either have to work more than needed to support twitter or that hundreds/thousands of users are loosing the chance of reaching twitter: http://www.netmarketshare.com/social-media.aspx?qprid=90&qpcustom=Twitter

Not being able to share a timeframe and taking that long only means that the engineering team is not taking OAuth2 as a high priority project, and they should start giving high priority to it, with me you lost a potential market of 50,000 users for lacking OAuth2.


+1 for oauth2

+1 for also supporting the oauth2 implict flow profile as implemented by Facebook


+1 for oauth2


+1 for oauth2


+1 for oauth2


Still no support for OAUTH2. This is just silly and frustrating!