OAuth 2.0 Support


OAuth2 is very expected


まだOAuth2は使えないのか? i can not use OAuth2.0 yet ?


pls-pls-pls! We are waiting for OAuth2.0…


It’s kind of dumb that they are not supporting this yet. You could try capturing the access token via JS and then passing it back to your server side with an ajax call. Something like:

function getHashParams() { var hashParams = {}; var e, a = /\+/g, // Regex for replacing addition symbol with a space r = /([^&;=]+)=?([^&;]*)/g, d = function (s) { return decodeURIComponent(s.replace(a, " ")); }, q = window.location.hash.substring(1);
while (e = r.exec(q))
    hashParams[d(e[1])] = d(e[2]);

return hashParams;


if(window.location.hash.length > 0)
var hashParams = getHashParams();



Then a URL like the following should work:


Or any other API call.


Using @Anywhere’s authentication patterns, or any of the API’s authentication methods, in any other context than as documented is not allowed.


oAuth2? Someday before hell freezes over?


Need to know the steps for sending a valid url to pass the request authenticated to access REST API.
got consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access secret.


[node:3726] explains how to do this with OAuth.


any news about oAuth2?


if ( $twitter->oauth_version() != “2.0” ) throw new Exception(“still no 2.0 support”);


Really interesting that oAuth2 is more simple than the first release, but is possible to know when Twitter thinks to start using it?

Prom dev to dev guys, shall I start to dev my new app learning from zero oAuth1 or are you thinking that twitter is quiet because it’s working on and I shall start to study the second version?


Any luck supporting oauth2 yet?


We will not be supporting twitter as a logon provider until you support oauth 2.0


Or… you could just support OAuth 2


So how long till OAuth 2 will be supported? Are you actively working on it?


We have no dates to share at this time.


I am starting on a project to provide a link to several social media. I have 18 weeks for this, so what’s the news on OAuth 2.0

If you guys would just support it, it would make my job a lot easier since LinkedIn and Facebook already use it!

Any timeframe?


No timeframe.


dear sir

I am using this oauth2 login but my access token expire with in two hour how to get access token without login again

pls help me sir


Thank U Sir Pls Give idea for Refresh the Token