OAuth 2.0 Support


Does twitter support OAuth 2.0?


We don’t support OAuth 2 yet.

We’ve been tracking the process of the specification as it evolves and have plans to support aspects of it in the future (OAuth 2.0 is really more than just a single kind of authentication). We don’t have any timeframes to share right now though.


ok. Thanks for the prompt reply.



Facebook and Google Accounts are supporting it.


just bumping this one…
OAuth 2.0 simplifies so much for the dev - it would be great to see twitter supporting it

Vote for it …


as a developer, oAuth 1.0 is way too much of headache. oAuth 2.0 is simple and easy to implement.
cmon guys, why so late ? Google and Facebook is already using it.


It is almost supported already via a url like this:
https://oauth.twitter.com/2/authorize?oauth_callback_url=" + redirect + “&oauth_mode=flow_web_client&oauth_client_identifier=” + appid + “&redirect_uri=” + redirect + “&response_type=token&client_id=” + appid;

All they need to do now is not expire the token after 2 hours.


Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to retrieve the URL fragment (stuff after the #) in PHP. Seems the query query string doesn’t provide access to anything after a pound sign. How can I do?


The URL hash (everything after a #) is not sent to a server - you won’t be able to access it directly from a PHP script.


All right. But it may be possible to get Twitter to send without the sign “#”? I could not find documentation on the site. It turns out that server programming languages can not be used when working with twitter oauth 2.0.


We do not support OAuth 2 yet, which is why you can’t find it documented or available for flows outside of @Anywhere.


I’m using this code above, but does not work

use Net::Twitter::Lite;

my $nt = Net::Twitter::Lite->new(
username => ‘my account’,
password => ‘my pass’

my $result = $nt->update(‘Hello, world!’);

response message: Basic autheticaion do not support

Please help me !


That’s an attempt at using basic authentication, which isn’t supported. You’ll need to use a Perl library (if that’s the language you prefer) that supports OAuth. Net::Twitter supports OAuth: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Net-Twitter/


Thank-you for fixing my problem. Its working fine at the moment.


Any new timeframe on oAuth2 support in Twitter?


Me too, what about OAuth 2 for now?


me too!


any news for Oauth 2.0?


um forte abraço


Any new timeframe on oAuth2?