Oath/request_token 401 new app hasn't worked yet


Hi there,

I’d like to see if anyone can suggest troubleshooting steps for a 401 error on oath/request_token POST requests via C# and HttpWebResponse. I have the code in place and the signature base string and authorization header appear to be coming through fine, with the unique values for nonce and timestamp, but it’s just not working.

Any suggestions?



Are any other POST request (status…) are working with the current way you are creating your signature?



I don’t have any other POST requests to test on the server, but i’m printing the output of the signature to screen and it looks fine to me.

Also I tried bypassing values with those provided by the OAuth tool and not working either.


One of the best ways to test an implementation is to step through each of the steps at [node:2927] and ensure that your signing function’s responses are identical to what we have in the examples.