Number of streams per app instance - loading timeline, mentions, likes, etc




I am working on a macOS application that loads Twitter data. One thing I am confused by, is the number of streams I should use per app instance.

My app loads the user’s home timeline, liked tweets and @user mentions in real time. But the thing I don’t understand is this; am I supposed to load three user streams simultaneously (per app instance) in order to load that data… OR… do I load one user stream and parse all the data from that?

The reason I ask this is because so far I have setup only one user stream in my app (loads the user timeline data). It gives “events” for new tweets/tweet deletions and favourited tweets. But it doesn’t give any event data for @user mentions (or retweets/etc…). I read online that I have to set the “track” parameter in order to load the @user mentions, but if I do that, the stream will not show all the user timeline tweets.

So with that in mind, do I need to setup three concurrent user streams?

Thanks, Dan.