Number of records via API request


Is there a limit to the number of records that get returned via an API request? For example, we are writing a program that uses the Twitter API. We want to count the frequency of use of a specific # during a specific time period. Is there a limit to the number of records returned?


Hi Ron, I’ve moved this discussion to the REST API topic as it didn’t really fit under Analytics.

Each of the API calls usually specifies this kind of information on their documentation pages. Typically you’ll get “pages” of results which you need to navigate via cursors. Is there a specific REST endpoint you’re accessing?


Andy, Thanks for responding. I’m not the programmer on this so don’t know what a REST endpoint is. Perhaps you can assist, we’re trying to count the number of times a specific hashtag was used in a tweet and retweeted in a specified date range.


Right now, that specific data is not available in the API. You can definitely connect to the Streaming API and filter on the hashtag, and you’d be able to start gathering that information for yourself, but this isn’t a feature offered directly in the API. You’d also struggle to find how many times a hashtag was retweeted - you can get that information for native retweets of tweets, but not hashtags.

Have you started to build any code here? my initial response was because I thought you were asking about limited numbers of tweets / results coming back to your application, apologies for any misunderstanding.


So if we connect to the Streaming API and filter on the hashtag, then there isn’t any limit to the number of results returned and we should be able to get an accurate count of the use of the hashtag?


If you connect to the Streaming API you get access to 1% of the firehose on the sample endpoint. If the total number of hashtag filter results is < 1% of the firehose you’ll see all of them.